Shout Outs


Dr. Nicki is known for her combination of a no-nonsense approach, as well as, her extraordinary compassion and humor. She offers a clear, authentic voice, which invites profound change to individuals, couples, families and groups in her counseling sessions. Dr. Nicki inspires, illuminates and educates through creative, provocative and transformative therapy.

Dr. Nicki may be familiar to you from her numerous public media appearances on: TV, news and videos. Dr. Nicki’s therapeutic methodology is remarkably successful and continues to be appealing. She most recently appeared on TV shows such as Millionaire Matchmaker, Meet the Kardashians, Love Handles and many others.

You eyes are not mistaken, these are public counseling sessions and Dr. Nicki is using her real, authentic-self to help transform those in need. View the videos to find out more about Dr. Nicki’s counseling methodologies.

Be assured that private counseling with Dr. Nicki is always strictly confidential and thereby treated with reverence.