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If you’re tired of letting the patterns in your past steer your life, make the choice to take the wheel yourself. Dr. Nicki can show you how! Here's some of what has been said about Dr. Nicki.
I had the enormous pleasure of producing a television show that featured Dr. Nicki. I knew I was getting a renowned therapist, what I didn't know was I would also be getting a top-flight producer as well. The compassion, insight and talent she brought to us was second to none. I'm now also extremely proud to call her a friend. Her unique understanding and approach to the human condition is only matched by her kindness. Truly, the best in the business.

— Troy S., Producer

I have referred several of my bodywork clients to Dr. Nicki and been able to witness their growth and maturing process. Dr. Nicki Monti has done some amazing work with many different people. What is impressive to me is the ongoing changes I have seen in people's lives. I have seen people who hadn't been in a relationship in many years, becoming involved with someone new as a direct result of working with Dr. Nicki. I have also witnessed people's careers take off and move to a whole new level in the process of their work with Dr. Nicki. Her patients have a wonderful grasp of their deeper inner lives and the dynamics that are playing out both within, and, outside in the world. This perspective creates an opportunity for discovery and life becomes full of meaning and wonder.

— Sandy V., Heller Worker/Body Work Healer

A few years ago, I hit a mental and spiritual “wall." I felt incredibly stuck. Understanding of ‘self’ came from many therapists, but I still didn't possess any tools to change my behavioral patterns. And then I met Dr. Nicki. The first session was an immediate departure from anything I had ever experienced. She was able to identify my patterns, and my "brain imprint" within the first 10 minutes, including a couple of patterns that I was not aware of (and not particularly thrilled to recognize). And then she gave me exercises to do that did what "traditional" psychotherapy did not do: they started to create different thought patterns. These different thought patterns helped break down a wall that I intuitively knew existed, but couldn't pin-point. She helped provide me with the tools and the voice to pour kerosene on my flame. I have stood up for myself in ways I never thought possible. I started my own business, I bought a house and had a child!

Dr. Nicki is not for the feint of heart. She is blunt, and more worried about your overall well-being and future than she is about your immediate need to feel good. You have to come to her with a willingness of change, and not be married to your particular relationship to the world around you. I would highly recommend her for anyone that feels STUCK, and doesn't know how to get UNSTUCK. And in fact, I do recommend her – to my students and to my friends!

— John R., Acting Teacher

I was resentful for having a career that I loved taken away from me, working in a job that I despised, it was destroying me as a person and having a major impact on my relationship with my wife. I attended a session with Dr. Nicki as a “favor” to my wife. That was the best favor I ever could have done for anyone, especially myself. That single session lead to more sessions (individually and with my wife), group workshops and couples workshops, as well as reading her book. Working with Dr. Nicki was life changing. Dr. Nicki will take you as deep as you want to go or as deep as you are ready to go. She is a loving, caring, gentle person--while firm at the same time.

Dr. Nicki gives you tools to help you work through whatever is going on in your life at that specific time. Dr. Nicki pushes you to go deeper which allows you to learn about yourself, what works for you, what doesn’t. Dr. Nicki doesn’t give you the answers, she helps you find the answers through self- exploration and self -realization. Individual work as well as group work allowed me to explore deep rooted issues that I did not realize existed, releasing me from their grasp, freeing me as an individual. The individual work allowed me to focus on specifics, one on one with Dr. Nicki, while the group work allowed me to access all the resources brought by every other individual in the room dealing with issues each in their own way.

Fast forward three and a half years. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. My relationship with my wife is thriving and is the best it has ever been. I am in a new career that I love and enjoy going to each and every day. I have the tools to address and tackle issues that may arise. Thanks to Dr. Nicki, her guidance, her teachings, her love and support, I have a wonderful life to live and to look forward to.

— Conrad L., Certified Surgical Technologist at a major hospital

To say that Dr. Nicki has changed my life seems too easy of a statement to throw around, even though it’s true. Dr. Nicki has seen me through the most difficult time in my life. She has patiently given me guidance and support. This is not the kind of therapy that just sits and holds your hand. The self-discovery process with Dr. Nicki can and will be painful. She will help you face your fears and change your life.

Though I had seen therapists prior to her, NO ONE “Got it” as Dr. Nicki did. I started in individual therapy where I felt understood for the first time. It was as if every observation and suggestion she made I wanted to bottle up and store because I finally felt that I was receiving great advice on how to change the behaviors I felt trapped by. I was finally getting to the root of my problems. I was able to access the source of pain that drove me to make the poor decisions I felt ruled by in my life. I felt enlightened by every session and came to understand my issues rather than just be beat up and dragged around by them.

I participated in the Genesis workshop where I connected with people in a way like never before. The tools that I learned in Genesis continue to effect me everyday. Other people have noticed the difference in me and I know it is due to the inner peace I am discovering in Revelations.

— Sarah H., Producer

Before I began working with Dr. Nicki, my life was a pattern that I was victim too. Both my parents were alcoholics, and not surprisingly, I married an alcoholic. I didn’t realize that I played a part in my life, and that I had choices. Before I was finally awake and consciously aware--I could not see that my defenses played a huge role in the choices that I made. Dr. Nicki is unlike any therapist I have seen in my life. I consider her my spiritual teacher. Her workshops are Transformational. She goes beyond the ‘what’ and the ‘why’, and helped guide me to a deeper awareness of self and most importantly, true, unconditional self love. She is, without question, the most influential person in my life. Through her rigorous guidance and unending patience, I became aware of my patterns, shifted my thinking and behavior to create a life full of real love and inner peace.

— Jacqui D., Sales Executive

It’s difficult to put into words what I’ve received from my work with Dr. Nicki, though A New Life comes to mind... Certainly renewed perspectives, particularly regarding the places I previously struggled with and judged about myself. Dr. Nicki has a wonderful way of redeeming that which once caused suffering. For instance, self-loathing (one of my favorites), has slowly shifted into a healthier sense of humility. Even my anger, that in the past turned viciously against me (and the rest of the universe), has become the passionate drive that fuels my creative works.

In short, Dr. Nicki’s work has helped me embrace the FULL spectrum of myself, including the feeling-full parts I previously fought to forget about. What I once condemned about myself (and even others), I’m now able to accept as part of the richness of being ALIVE. The parts of myself that used to battle for a voice of validity, have begun to find peace within my heart, the great synthesizer that supports these parts to become Whole. Dr. Nicki teaches with a sharp wit and vast wisdom, encouraging profound change in anyone she guides. Thank you Dr. Nicki, you have inspired much growth.

— Adele U., Writer, Actress and Model

Dr. Nicki is truly a gifted therapist. She has given me the tools with which to make the changes in my life I have always wanted to make. Her positive, encouraging and caring approach is exactly what I needed. Dr. Nicki’s group workshops are also groundbreaking. From them, I’ve taken away life changing lessons, revelational experiences and friends for life.

— E.L., Entrepreneur and Business Owner

She is a bold and brave woman who inspires boldness and bravery in those lucky enough to get to work with her. If you are tired of letting the patterns in your past steer your life down dark roads that you have travelled before, make the choice to take the wheel yourself. Dr. Nicki can show you how!

—Tyler P., Actor

She provided me with a safe container where I could grieve, let go, and rediscover who I was as a whole person. Dr. Nicki has some of the most loving, creative, generous, compassionate, and intelligent people in her groups.

— Nicole D., Actor

Dr. Nicki believed in me when even I didn't seem to believe in me. She allowed me to speak from my heart the truth that I had always wanted to express. In the sessions, I was allowed to feel accepted and loved, by Dr. Nicki, others in the group, and by my own self. These lessons have continued to grow as I go forth in my life, and I will always be grateful to Dr. Nicki for believing in me and for bringing out the best in me, the light within that I had tried to stifle as a protection for myself. The journey with Dr. Nicki has allowed me to feel empowered and ready to live my life the way I want to live and love again. Thank you, Dr. Nicki!!

— Michelle D., HR Resources